Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Great in Oh Eight

OMG!! My first blog post ever.

Although I'm assuming nobody's really reading these just yet, I still feel it's my civic and musical duty to get all you people in on the ground floor for some of the sick stuff that'll be popping up in 2008. And away we go!

Tokyo Police Club

These guys ain't technically anything "new" for '08, as they've been around for a bit now. BUT, they've only released a couple short EPs and they've just recently signed on with Conor Oberst's Saddle Creek label and are pounding away at a full-length. For fans of Bloc Party and sing-alongs (download the summer anthem "Your English Is Good" at: http://false45th.blogspot.com/2008/01/2007-year-end-survey-kris-gruen.html)

Bon Iver

As the story goes (and I'm sure I don't have the story quite right), this guy Justin Vernon took to an isolated cabin in the Wisconsin woods and spent a solitary winter writing songs, chopping wood, and probably other poetic/manly stuff. When he was done, he had an eerily beautiful album set for a February release and a fitting new moniker (Bon Iver is french for "Good Winter", and, after you hear this album, you will most surely agree that it truly was a good winter). (download the gorgeous "Skinny Love" at: http://sorelevant.blogspot.com/)


Sam Amidon, often known as Doveman's partner in musical crime, should be making quite a splash this year as well with his February release of "All Is Well." Sparse acoustic guitar, banjo, key and horn arrangements evoke a bit of a Sufjan feel (which is not a bad thing by any means), but it is Samamidon's voice which truly sets him apart. With a painfully beautiful voice which sounds like his soul might be broken, Samamidon's songs will make even the hardest of listeners gasp for air. (download the beautifully sad and perfect winter song "Wild Bill Jones" at: http://www.thankscaptainobvious.net/2007/12/samamidon-all-is-well-2008.html)

(note: go to hypem.com to search/stream more songs by the artists)

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