Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This Day In Beatles History

Ok, well this was yesterday. Sue me.

On January 21, 1966, George Harrison and Pattie Boyd were married.

During my World of the Beatles class that I took last semester, we were asked which Beatles 'cast member' we would most like to be. Most people picked Ringo. Even girls. Not wanting to subject myself to that kind of status, I chose Pattie Boyd.

Why wouldn't you want to be her?? You marry George Harrison AND Eric Clapton. The songs Something, Layla, Wonderful Tonight, and Bell Bottom Blues are written about YOU. wtf.

You meet George on the set of the movie A Hard Day's Night where you play an extra, and it's love at first sight. You're with the Beatles from the beginning to the end, riding the coattails of their fame and fortune all the way.
Though Paul is my favorite Beatle, and I have the option of being early girlfriend Jane Asher or Linda McCartney, I still want to be Pattie Boyd. Jane Asher breaks up with Paul in 1968, so she's an idiot, why would I want to be her. Linda McCartney DIES. When she's alive she has Yoko hatred status amongst fans. Plus, Pattie Boyd is cuter.
Sure, George cheats on you, but so what, he's still married to you get over it.

And what's a better "F YOU" than leaving him for his best friend, Mr. Eric Clapton.

So in the end you have these two rock GODS as husbands over the course of your life, and you didn't even let them walk all over you. You stood up for yourself and when you felt like enough was enough, you moved on. To Eric freakin Clapton.

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