Sunday, February 24, 2008

Against Me! Why? What did I do?

Today is the eve of Foo Fighters Day. Well, at least in the book of my life. As I have been listening to countless repeats of Foo Fighters since the day I got the tickets for my birthday, I did not really pay much excitement towards the openers. Serj Tankian and Against Me! are opening up for the Chicago date of the tour. I think I was disillusioned because Jimmy Eat World was the opener on the first leg of the tour. My cries of injustice did not do any good with convincing them to stick around, so I finally let up on my always stubborn attitude, and listened to Against Me!

I have had the cd since over the summer when we used to get tons of promo cds in the office of my internship. I liked a couple songs, but then I listened to a radio DJ from Q101 talk about how "kick ass" they are, over any other band, and it turned me off. I wasn't a fan of the DJ and therefore no longer included it on my rotation. Upon my reconsideration, I find it quite entertaining. The lead singer, Tom Gabel, possesses one of those voices that could be easy to get sick of, however I have yet to reach that point. The lead guitar kicks in with such a strong manner at times that counteracts the pop-like catchiness of some of the songs off of the New Wave album.

I have a feeling that I will be singing along with them tomorrow night...quite a bit.

T minus 23 hours till Dave Grohl meets his future (third) wife.

Against Me! - "Stop"


katie. said...

i really like against me! too. they're kind of addictive...

ToLameToUseMyRealName said...

I'm glad you stopped and took some time to think, figuring out what was important to you.

A Kay said...

music is always important to me :)