Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All Hail the Foo Fighters: Part One

When I look back on my life at the age 50 and I think of rock stars, I know I will be thinking about Dave Grohl and his sick guitar playing and awesome gum chewing. I hate to dwell on the gum chewing because he is talented as so many more things, but it just raises his level of cool to another level.

The Foo Fighters were automatically predisposed to stardom with the ties to Nirvana. But one of the best things about them is that that they have never let their fans down. Starting with "Big Me" and its big statement into pop music and its coupled music video, it was evident that Foo Fighters were going to stick with fans for a long time. The Grammy's of the past week were the greatest evidence of that. The award for "Best Rock Album" had some stiff competition (Wilco's Sky Blue Sky, ahem), but Foo Fighters took the award that they were fully deserving of. They also brought the best performance of the entire night.

There is much more to discuss about the Foo Fighters, but for now, enjoy this blast from the past.

p.s. another reason why he is cool, he is quoted saying this about everyone's favorite rich girl in The Sun, “Paris is f*cking lame. She’s more offensive to me than anything. She’s a total, raging, disgusting, rich, lazy party slut. I pray that my daughter will not turn out like her.” :)

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