Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some Like It Rough

Easy now. I'm talking about Rough Trade band Born Ruffians. They released a short EP a while back, and after hearing "This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life", I was sold (with lyrics like "I need a girlfriend, I'm lonely. Someone to love me and f*#@ me. I need to get laid immediately", how could you not be?). Their full-length debut, "Red, Yellow & Blue" will be out at the beginning of March, and upon initial listen, I must recommend it. Full of jittery and jangly guitars and vocals accompanied by rolling bass and drums in all the right places, what might at first seem to be a slight attraction quickly grows into full-blown puppy love by the third or fourth listen. Check out "This Sentence" from Born Ruffians EP, and try out "Foxes Mate For Life" from their upcoming release (make it throught the sleepy and gently meandering intro, and at about a minute and 20 seconds in, it's love).

DOWNLOAD: Born Ruffians - This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life
DOWNLOAD: Born Ruffians - Foxes Mate For Life

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