Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back When I Wasn't Allowed to Watch MTV... was awesome. Especially to a sheltered girl in the suburbs. They had Singled Out AND they actually played music videos. My BFF Heather and I would crouch in front of the television, watch it on silent (or on volume level one) and pray that neither of our moms would catch us. There are two specific videos that I remember watching. "Doin' It" by LL Cool J and "No Diggity" by Blackstreet. I think that Blackstreet came a bit later, but the little marionette doll that played the piano was quite humorous at the time. "Doin It" was one of the most sexual things I had even seen, there were massive bosoms in my face and a rapper looking at strippers through a coin slot window. Oh me oh my, what it was like to have my eyes opened to such a world. But then Heather's mom would tell us to go outside and we would preoccupy ourselves by climbing around a multilevel playground with our eyes closed (Man on Chips) down the street. May I also add that I memorized all the words to "No Diggity" and was the hit at all the skating parties when the "DJ" would play it at the rink. I could skate AND MC at the same time. Yep, those were the sweet, sweet days of fifth grade.

This is one of the reasons I really appreciate this new Klaxon's cover of "No Diggity." Have a listen and see if it stirs up any memories for you as well...

Klaxons - "No Diggity (Blackstreet Cover)"

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A Little Piece of Everything said...

I don't usually enjoy covers. It always disappoints me when I think that a new artist came up with this amazing song, only to find out 2 days later.. they didn't.
I may be biased, but I didn't enjoy this one either. I think I'll just throw on blackstreet if I want to hear "No Diggity"