Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Keep Your Ears to the Ground

More of a heads up than anything else, but UK music mag NME (the equivalent of a music version of US Weekly), is releasing a special disc of sorts, featuring current NME faves covering other contemporary artists, and the one that has got me all hot and bothered is the Kooks covering Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks." This could be pure bliss. Or it could be like watching a bus full of puppies catch fire and launch off a cliff into a valley of cacti. My love for the Kooks is no secret, and, if SCOPE had a blog back then, you'd probably have heard me ranting and raving about the perfection that is PBJ's "Young Folks" (along with its subsequent remixes and reworkings [including its inclusion on a Kanye mixtape]). So will the combination of two of my great musical obsessions yield an audio orgasm for the ears? Or will the Kooks end up repeating their unfortunate covering luck a la Ace of Base's "All That She Wants"? Only time will tell, but here's to hoping for the former.

BONUS: If you haven't heard "Young Folks" yet, get on the wagon. Highest of recommendations.
DOWNLOAD: Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks

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kissingyoursister said...

hey there, wait a minute (you know how the rest of the song goes ... but getting to my point) ... I actually liked Luke's rendition of Linn Berggren's masterpiece ... when I heard it I couldn't help but slip on my hyper-color tshirt (Dennis Rodman's hair would change color), french roll my jeans, and slap on a bracelet (yeah thats right, I took the risk of slashing my wrist for fashion).

I cover also gave me a tingly feeling all over my body - the same that I experienced while waiting in line to see Jurassic Park for the first time and while watching John Paxson win the NBA championship with a magical 3 pointer.

In short - the Kooks brought me back to the happier / care free times of 1993 - and I thank them for that.

In my opinion if the Kooks' newest cover exceeds (or even just equals) their last attempt I will be more than happy -- mappy, if you will.

Trivia - why was November 3 of 1993 one of the greatest days in broadcast television history? (Hint: world's most iconic laugh - sex for your ears)