Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Stereogum first turned me on to Chris Garneau back in the fall of '06, and with the recent release of his EP of B-sides, aptly titled C-Sides EP, I have found that my love is still strong. The songs remain relatively sparse with just piano, cello, and whispered vocals, but the structure serves the songs well as it draws focus to the beautiful, sad, and often painful lyrics ("I want to catch my death a cold because I'm scared I'm growing old"). Perfect music for those cold and/or depressing nights filled with doubt and self-loathing...I mean, if you ever experience that type of stuff...which I obviously do not.

From Chris' debut Music for Tourists
how to download: ctrl click/right click, download linked file
DOWNLOAD: Chris Garneau - Black and Blue

From Chris' C-Sides EP
how to download: just click the link
DOWNLOAD: Chris Garneau - Love Zombies


Anonymous said...

this is such a great find!!!! after just one listen i fell in love. This is my official place to come for new music for sure

miiouu said...

I really love this singer
Songs are very nice

i'm french and i knew him thanks to a friend who gave me a song from him ( it was "relief" ) and i really appreciated !

I love "relief" , "between the bars "and "castle times".

i want to see him in live , it should be very good !

Good bye.

(Sorry if you don't understand what i wrote but i do what i can to be understood ! Sorry again! )