Thursday, February 14, 2008


For the most part, alot of the things we alert you to (new music, videos, etc.) are things we found on other blogs and sites whilst surfing the interweb (one of the best out there is stereogum). We try and sift through all the madness and bring you what we think are the best or most noteworthy things out there. While doing such sifting, I stumbled upon an old favorite, "Flakes" by the Mystery Jets (and by "old" I mean about three or four months ago [but by internet standards, that's pre-historic]). "Flakes" is a flawless piece of pop perfection, timeless in its simplicity, feeling like a song you've known forever, or like that old sweatshirt that just grows softer and more dear with each wear. Please enjoy the song and the company of loved ones on this very special Valentine's Day. I will be alone, drowning my sorrows in tears and johnnie walker.

DOWNLOAD: Mystery Jets - Flakes


DanielleFishel said...

well kappy, if your "sorrows" will be skinny dipping while drowning in that johnny walker ... i would love to join you.

drowning in johnny is always more fun in the nude - dont you think?

thanks for the "new-old" song!

kappy said...

dear commenter,

you are welcome to join in the drowning of sorrows. the less clothes the better.