Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goldfrapp DELIVERS! ...Again.

British electro-pop princess Alison Goldfrapp spews out another winner with her brand new release Seventh Tree. Goldfrapp's first new music release since 2006 brings everything you expect from the angelic voiced English songwriter.

Goldfrapp burst onto the scene in 2000, with her debut album Felt Mountain. Praised by critics, the album was labeled "smarmy and seductive, yet elegant and graceful". After a three year hiatus, she returned in full force with the release of Black Cherry, an expedition into electronica and dance anthems, reaching #19 on the US Electronica Charts, and going platinum in the UK.

Her first single, A&E, off the newly released (we're talking today... people) Seventh Tree, is a step an entirely different direction for Goldfrapp. With smooth vocals covered artistically by a bone-chilling backtrack heavy in stand-up bass and acoustic guitar, A&E is mellow and catchy, something that could as easily be listened to laying in bed as on a dance floor.

Seventh Tree is already garnishing rave reviews: 4/5 on Billboard, an 83% on Entertainment Weekly, and a 9.1 on Metacritic.com, the internet's definitive source on newly released music.


Anonymous said...

I love Goldfrapp, "Fly Me Away" is amazingness in a nutshell!

A Little Piece of Everything said...

Where are my dancing leaf people? I just want to hire some to follow me icognito & then jump out and dance around on command. Tell me that wouldn't be money well spend