Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kookie for Cookie Crisps

Yes. Worst blog post title ever. Plus, I'm not even sure if that's the right catchphrase for Cookie Crisp cereal. The point is that there are more than a few Kooks fanatics in the SCOPE office
and I'm just about as excited as (if not more excited than) anyone else out there for the Kooks sophomore effort, Konk, out in the middle of April. To tide you over, we've got the first video and first live late night performance for the album's first single, "Always Where I Need To Be." Not much to the video. Just a couple o' Kooks being kooky in New York.


Anonymous said...

i'm so excited for the new album!! the single was great and i can't wait to hear what else they have in store

getwellMaxRafferty said...

The video for the single was superb ... but I unfortunately cannot say I felt the same tickle in my pants for their appearance on Conan. Luke's vocals and overall performance was disappointing on Conan - but maybe I was anticipating it a little too much and therefore set myself up for a fall (similar to that of Odysseus' - it was very tragic).

Also, 'Always Where I Want to Be' is not a new song - which is more than a little disappointing. I am just a quite surprised that the first single is one that have already released (granted it was on a live session).

BUT, to end on a more positive note, I was crushing on that video ... hard. The video got me super-duper excited for the cd to "drop" (I just hope it doesn't break when they drop it - those compact disc seem to be fairly fragile).

My only critical comment on the video is: Maybe Luke wouldn't have to wear such a large coat if all of his clothes weren't so tight fitting. I know that wouldn't be very indie of him ... but he just looked so cold. I care too much.