Thursday, February 28, 2008

the setting for this record is disaster

This year, SCOPE will be producing the 10,000 Show concert featuring OK Go at the Englert Theatre on April 22nd. OK Go was perhaps my first favorite rock band. I saw them when they were opening for The Donnas in support of self-titled debut at a gymnasium in my home town. They would go on to become a group of paisley-clad YouTube darlings, a distinction that would later help them snag a Grammy.

Today I was strolling down memory lane, reading through the band's press kit. I was sucked in by a band-written explanation of every song on their newest release, Oh No. It starts out by explaning to the reader: "The setting for this record is disaster." Now these are my kind of people.

One of my favorite songs on this album is called "Let It Rain," a beautifully sung ballad with a chorus to die for. On the song the band writes:

"This song is about the joy of having a nervous breakdown. There's a kind of deep existential relief that comes with emotional collapse, and we wrote this for a friend who had just tipped from the high-tension anxiety of maintaining control to the glorious, but heart-rending chaos of losing it."

Reading this extended definition made me fall in love with this song all over again and cross my fingers the band will be playing it during the show. This meaningful tune prooves the band is so much more than their gimmicky image.

OK Go - "Let It Rain"


A Kay said...

I was scared by your title at first, but I completely agree. Go figure. Soul mates.

rachel said...

i am so excited for this one. plus its for a good cause :)
love the free download!