Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sort of Pantless Dancing, and Sort of Just Plain Awesome

For those of you that check some other blogs, I'm quite sure that MGMT is nothing new to you. They've gotten quite a bit of buzz from the blogosphere (I really hate that word) and performed on Conan just a week or two ago. I was hesitant to jump on the wagon until I heard "Electric Feel." Wow. For music that is so clearly influenced by 70's era space rock and even a little disco (two genres I'm not particularly fond of), I was floored. The duo somehow manages to bring their own voice and feel to their tunes. Fans of Ziggy-era Bowie and David Vandervelde will surely appreciate MGMT's entire album (Oracular Spectacular), especially tracks like "Pieces of What." And fans of dancing without pants will especially dig these two synth and bass heavy tracks. Do yourself a favor and buy this album ASAP (I just ordered my copy on vinyl).

DOWNLOAD: MGMT - Electric Feel

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