Monday, February 18, 2008

Your Last Chance to See Mr. Folds

The Ben Folds March 2nd concert in the IMU Main Lounge is SOLD OUT!! All hope is not lost however, there is one pair left! The only way that you can get them is by listening to the SCOPE Radio Show, THIS UPCOMING THURSDAY 2/21/08 from 10am-noon!

Listen intently to the show, because when you hear the first Ben Folds song we play--which ever song it may be--call into the KRUI Request Line at (319)335-8970 and be the first caller to win the LAST PAIR OF BEN FOLDS TICKETS FOR THE MARCH 2ND SHOW!

Besides the tickets, we have a pretty rockin' show, so you should listen anyway. Thursday will also bring about the announcement of the artist for the 10,000 Hours Eastern Iowa Concert, presented by SCOPE Productions. Listen on your radio at 89.7 if you're local, or listen online at


Yuppy said...

hey you guys interested in adding me to the 'scope friends' list?

im sure ive driven a couple of ppl your way, or at least i hope so....

I usually post your events when i hear about them there.....

anyway Im @

Anonymous said...

that is so cool!
i'll be listening!!