Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chicks That Rock (hey, Hayley, you spell your name funny and don't rock as hard as this chick)

For those of you who can appreciate a kick-ass frontwoman, I give you Jemina Pearl. The Be Your Own Pet singer reminds me of a younger, slightly less volatile, slightly more spritely Karen O as she shimmies and shakes around on stage. BYOP have a new album coming out this Tuesday which builds upon, but doesn't stray to far from, their garage punk sound. And although they don't necessarily bring anything new to the table, they do bring a refreshing and youthful blast of that old-school punk aesthetic that's sure to get some fists pumping. On the catchy-as-hell "Becky", Jemina cheekily sings of BFF betrayal while BYOP mix 50s girl group verses with some grungy Sonics-style call and response choruses. Moral of the song: do NOT piss off Jemina, or she'll be waiting for you after class with a replacement best friend and some sharp objects.

DOWNLOAD: Be Your Own Pet - Becky

Author's Note: Jemina can out shimmy, out shake, out rock, and out punk that Hayley girl any day of the week. "Hayley" spelled with two "y"s? Who does she think she is? Does Hayley even have her driver's license yet? Jemina's old enough to buy booze. Hey, maybe Jemina can babysit Hayley sometime. Maybe teach her a thing or two.


CLARK said...

uh oh... SHOWDOWN!!

alissa marie. said...

But chris, is she as cool as your love from the donnas?

Anonymous said...

my heart will always belong to the donnas' guitarist. mmmmmm.

boyskissinggirls said...

First of all saying someone is the new someone -- when that predecessor is only 18 ... is simply hurtful.

Second of all ... then that makes HaYley the original -- and the original is always better. (See coke v. pepsi, george h.w. v. george w [at least in the eyes of our elephant brethren], nike v. reebok, tsj v. kappy)

Lastly, I'll take 'Misery Business' (preferably acoustic version) over 'Becky' any day ... not to mention I would pick HaYley's multi-colored hair over plain-Jemina's mono-colored weave.

Kelly Ripa-ed! Zoom zoom zoom.

kappy said...

dear boyskissinggirls,

i'm not sure if you're in junior high or what, but i'll give you the benefit of the doubt and chalk up your ignorance to a lack of understanding of the english language. "original" would either connote being the first, in this case, being the first of the two females in question to perform. hayley was not the first of the two performers. fact check next time you try and k.r. someone.

and please read the blog posts a little more carefully. no one ever claimed Pearl to be the "new" Williams. it was only claimed that Pearl was the better front woman (which she is). i will leave you and the sixth graders and the kool-aid hair dye with hayley. my money's on BYOP.


Anonymous said...

A) Kool Aid hair dye is and will always be cool.

B) For having such a mastery of the english language you seemed to stumble the second sentence in.

""original" would either connote being the first, in this case, being the first of the two females in question to perform."

Not only is the word either misplaced or misused but the sentence structure is weak even by blog standards. Might of helped to take the two minutes to proofread.

3) Finally, dismissing Hayley based on her age or her popularity is the easy way out. She may not be getting cred on all the blogs you read but she certainly hasn't had a problem selling records. This comes as a result of her voice and personality (Not her band and songwriting).

Sure it's easy for you to knock Paramore and Hayley. It's even easier to name an obscure front woman that you say does it better. Nobody who reads the blog knows enough to call you on her and you get more cred.

Next time maybe give constructive support if you're going to tear a young artist down for being popular?

"Insert cliche blog smack talk here"

kappy said...

Dear Anonymous,

boyskissinggirls and i are just doing a friendly little ribbing. we often poke fun at each others grammatical errors, and i have most certainly committed a few. it seems you fall into that camp as well (i believe "c" would follow "a" & "b", not "3"). in the future, i will make sure to do sentence structure and grammar checks for all my blog post comments.

as for your point 3, i'm not knocking hayley with any true malice. just some friendly joking between two blog posters (its a bit of an inside joke). not really looking for the "cred" you claim i'm searching for, but if you think what i'm doing gives it to me, i guess i'll keep it up. as for your support of paramore, some of it seems to hurt them, more than help. i should hope that personality isn't what is giving her artistic merit or what sells her records, as you seem to imply. seems counterintuitive, doesn't it? to say a band is good because of a voice and personality, as opposed to being good because they write good songs and perform them well? just doesn't seem to me to be the best way to boast a bands skills. i also don't believe i made any reference to popularity in the original post or any of the comments.

in conclusion,
please don't take everything so seriously. i realize sarcasm doesn't carry well in print, and i shouldn't expect casual readers to know when certain statements are made in jest. so i apologize.

i'm a fan of paramore and pop-punk in general. yet i still stand by my statement that, as far as frontwomen go, Jemina Pearl is better than Hayley Williams. and, for the record, i think Karen O is better than both of em. don't forget, these are all just opinions, and you're as entitled to yours as i am to mine. please keep the comments coming because we love to hear your thoughts.

thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

uhh, what the hell does it matter to you how someone spells their name, its not your name, so stay out of it.

second of all , hayley would head bang beckys face any day.

third, hayley is 19, and has her drivers license ,

FOURTH, hayley is WAY more talented than that becky chick.

and last,
id rather listen to god damn MILEY CYRUS then listen to this shitty girls band. k?

so before you go bashing someone that is far more talented than you will ever be, get your facts straight , k?

and to that stupid Kappy person, HAYLEY IS THE BETTER FRONT WOMAN, k?
i find her hair rather extravagant, its beautiful. im sure its alot nicer than your hair.

apperently your some middle aged no life, that has no taste in music.

Anonymous said...

i apologize to kappy, for wich i did not read the last comment you posted. i was not aware this was an 'inside joke'
it just infuriates me when i hear someone bashing on my idol. when she does not deserve a bit of it.
she is a kind, thoughtful ,talented person, and really has done nothing wrong to get made fun of constantly.

in my opinion. Hayley williams will always be the better front woman.

Aziza said...

I don't understand why you want Hayley to head bang Becky. Becky is just a fictional character in JEMINA's band's song.


Anonymous said...

Jemina is not the NEW whoever as Paramore ripped off BYOP and made it emo so they could sell it to Mtv. BYOP came first and are actually a good band with a BRILLIANTLY COOL AND BADASS frontwoman. Paramore can fuck right off.