Monday, March 10, 2008

Jeff Tweedy Speaks Out About Migraines, Mood Disorders

"There are a lot of different ways migraines have affected my music, and vice versa: being a musician has allowed me — for lack of a better phrase — to rise above the pain from time to time. I’ve never missed a show because of a migraine. But I’ve played some really horrible shows and cut them short because there was very little I could do to keep going. I’ve played shows where I had bucket on the side of the stage where I threw up in between songs regularly. There’ve been a lot of horrible experiences trying to, well, you know, have the show go on."

Read this article. Not only is Jeff Tweedy a role model musician, he is finally conquering the stigmas attached to speaking out about mood disorders. Just when I thought it wasn't possible for me to love Jeff Tweedy any more that I already do, he amazes me that much more. He exemplifies what music can mean to a person and it just shows what he has meant to music as a whole. It takes a great amount of courage to go public with a mood disorder and an addiction, but I am sure this story will serve as an inspiration to so many. If you don't know who Jeff Tweedy is (shame on you), he is the lead singer of the Grammy-winning band, Wilco, who is based out of Chicago. Please take the time to read the linked article.

Wilco/Jeff Tweedy - "More Like The Moon"

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