Sunday, March 9, 2008

Where do they stack up? (#2 ...of whatever)

So I am sitting in my room, refusing to do a ten page paper... and refusing to do a 55 minute presentation, too, and I've decided it's finally time to set up part two of the "where do the bands of my youth stack up?" Do they stand the test of time? Are they bands we can listen to today and proudly state "I listened to them as a kid, and they KICKED ASS!" Or... should I be ashamed of my youth?

So here it is, without further adieu:
Third Eye Blind.

San Francisco pop-rockers 3eb, known for catchy hooks, kickin' beats, and a singer with range that could knock your socks off, formed in the early 1990s. Bouncing around the vibrant San Francisco club scene for a couple years, the rockers hit it big in 1997 with their self-titled album:

Third Eye Blind met remarkable success, going several times platinum on the strength of singles "Jumper", "Semi-Charmed Life", "Graduate", "Losing a Whole Year", and "How's it Gonna Be?". Selling over 6 million albums, the rockers were riding high, doing gigs on SNL and holding the top spot on the Billboard Rock Charts for 6 weeks.

Their follow-up, Blue, wasn't as commercially successful as their debut, but still went platinum twice over. Four singles were released: "Anything", "Ten Days Later", "Never Let You Go", and "Deep Inside of You".

The band went on a hiatus for a few years following Blue, and returned in 2003 with Out of the Vein, which released two singles "Blinded", and "Crystal Baller". The album wasn't a mainstream commercial success (in comparison to their other multiplatinum releases), selling only 500,000 copies worldwide.

Now, in 2008, 3eb is setting to release their fourth album, tentatively titled The Hideous Strength.

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I kind of love Third Eye Blind. Just a little bit. And I love this post.