Friday, May 9, 2008

Pants Off Dance Off: "Oh Raquel, You Really Got The Power Over Me"

Finally, the return of something worthy of pantless dancing. It's been awhile, but I couldn't be more pleased with the track that's accompanying the post. This banger comes courtesy of the duo Neon Neon, who's recent album Stainless Style (a concept album based on the [sex]life of famed 80s car maker/coke fiend John Delorean) is a romp through 80s awesomeness. This one, "Raquel," was inspired by Delorean's alleged tryst with Raquel Welch. For me, no dance party will ever be complete without this one. Download the track by clicking HERE.

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khutch said...

all I really wanted to comment about was the choice of picture. It's fantastic.