Friday, June 27, 2008

i got a sweet tooth that'll never come loose

Check out the new single from Gym Class Heroes' forthcoming album, The Quilt due out sometime this fall. It's called "Cookie Jar” featuring The Dream and the tune’s sugary beats and confectionery comparisons to a lady’s naughty bits have me thinking singer Travis McCoy may have found inspiration for this one in his girl-kissing gf Katy Perry. Judge for yourself. (I’m sorry all I could find is a fan vid, the song's just that new.) As for me, I’ll be hitting up the Treats Truck after work.


kappy said...

don't mean to be a hater, but i feel like this song might rank up there with soulja boy for me

khutch said...

I'm not a fan. It doesn't sound like any of their old stuff, which i like. I feel like it sounds like every other rap song on the radio. I'm kind of bummed about it