Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cover Me! National Product does the Smashing Pumpkins

Sorry I can't do a two for Tuesday, but I figure one is better than none, so here goes:

So I stumbled on this little gem while surfing the interwebs today. National Product, an Orange County based pop-punk-rock-alt-metal group (think My Chemical Romance meets some other band you hear at Hot Topic when you're cruising the aisles for a new hair color) has an interesting take on the epic Smashing Pumpkins masterpiece Disarm.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about the cover until I heard it. I won't say it's better than the original, mostly out of fear of being struck down in my sleep by Billy Corgan. But I will say this: It is very good. Stripped of most the obtuse instrumentation and Corgan's wailing voice, National Product's version is a straight forward acoustic rock ballad. Granted lead singer Danny's voice isn't as impressive as Corgan, what NP did with the harmonies more than makes up for it (forgive the cheesy video):

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