Monday, July 28, 2008

Dr. Adams turns to Poetry, Art

Ryan Adams is not only working on his 10th full-length music album right now, but sources say he has signed a deal with Akashic Books to release a book of poems. The date of this release is uncertain, but his website also states he will be having a show to display his various art work. Hopefully this will take some attention off of his Courtney Love problems of late... Recently Courtney Love blogged on her myspace that Ryan Adams stole $858,000 of her daughter's Cobain inheritance to make his album "Rock N Roll" Her rant was written very poorly and could not be understood at parts. As evident here, Courtney states, "Ryan Adams worst record and one of the worst records i can think of in rock and roll history ironically called'Riock and Roll '... yeah you listen to this shit im listening to my i tunes on right now who names a record 'Rock n Roll' what assholes do that? ... with these trebled up guitars my bandmate said sounded like 'really horrific rem on steroids' all treble and compresssion and shit wirtten songs - but so what?". I'm sticking with my man Ryan on this one, especially after she has called out at least three other celebs in the past year for hurting her, including Madonna.

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