Sunday, July 27, 2008

John Mayer - Proving Guitar Legend Capabilites

I know I'm biased. I know you're tired of my John Mayer posts, but let's just all pretend I'm not obsessed with John Mayer and that I got dragged to this concert against my own will, and see where that gets us, ok? Have a little faith in me. 

I think all of Chicago, including many fellow SCOPErs, would agree that John Mayer rocked the house

His guitar playing at this show was the best I have seen. The set list was a  mix of everything, hits including "Say", "Waiting on the World to Change", "No Such Thing", and "Bigger Then My Body"; a few covers like Tom Petty's "Freefallin'", Cream's "Crossroads", and Van Halen's "Panama"; and songs from his current album Continuum. The covers at the show were fantastic. Mayer puts a spin on these covers, typically taking the vocals down an octive, but also let his lead guitarist David Ryan Harris take over vocals on "Panama" and focused on rocking out. Songs like "I Don't Trust Myself (with Loving You)" which is typically 4 minutes long, were streched out to a 12 minute song with insane soloing and bluesy jams. The dynamic and range of this set really showed off Mayer's love for all kinds of music, and his ability to pull all types of songs.

The entire show can be downloaded here. (It's a great quality and 100% legal taping, by the way). Even if your not a fan of John, I suggest you check out the show solely for the guitar playing, and lack of Your Body is a Wonderland, mind you.

(((if you sort of/almost respect me for my musical comments above, please stop reading)))

Commenting about alissa marie.'s post from a while back--JM did get a sleeve.  I know this for a fact because I saw it. In person. The whole thing. I mean, he wore a tank top. Then he took it off at the encore. I'm just saying. I was melting from the lawn seats. 

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god i love hearing over and over again about jmay from you ;)