Monday, July 7, 2008

M.I.A. now Missing In Action

Just a few days after canceling her upcoming European Tour, British Art Rapper M.I.A. announced her retirement from the music industry, at the ripe old age 30. The news was delivered to a shocked crowd at this years Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee. What prompted the glam goddess to call it quits you ask?. In an New York Magazine article she explains:

"I’m an artist and it’s really difficult when you become the art, and you’re like, ‘Look at me!’ every day," she said. "I was never supposed to be like that. I’m eight things [painter, film director, musician, etc.], and I’ve figured out that you can get pleasure from being all of them, and that’s great. But I don’t want to be the thing. And that’s what touring is." She went on. " Music is about people," she said. "It is a party. But I never became a musician because I wanted to be famous, or I’m an extrovert and stuff like that. The touring part came last. Like, I already signed a record deal, put my record out, and did everything. My first-ever time standing onstage singing was already six months into my, like, contract and stuff, which is unheard of. No one does that. But I was just really petrified. It scared the shit out of me."

She later went on to say that she will now be concentrating strictly on her art. But If you want my opinion...which you do, My money is on her pulling the old "Jay-Z Bait and Switch" stay out of the spot light jusssst looong enough to hype the reunion tour.

Oh M.I.A. don't you see? when there was only one set of neon stiletto pumps in the sand.... it was then that i was carrying you....

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SUSBUS said...

Ahhh so the world is coming to an end.