Monday, July 21, 2008

You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me

What do these two reality stars have in common? Read on and see...

I'll be the first one to admit I enjoy watching occasional episodes of The Hills. I don't know what the appeal of it is, considering none of the people on it really have much of a reason to be famous...but sometimes I find it entertaining. Apparently, one of the stars of the show, Heidi, is attempting to move into another industry. As I was surfing iTunes today, I saw a link to a song by a certain "Heidi Montag." That name seemed oddly familiar to me and then I realized. It's Heidi from The Hills. I doubled checked the name on Google because I just could not believe she is really attempting to get into the music industry now; but I am disgusted to announce that yes, my fellow blog readers, it is confirmed that Heidi really just put out a song called "No More."

Even worse, I just found that another reality show star "sings." Tila Tequila. Yes, ladies and gents, Tila Tequila. I'm not hating on her show but my god, music? Actually, I really shouldn't even compliment what she is throwing on iTunes with calling it music.  Her songs are as follows: "I Love U," "Paralyze," and "Stripper Friends." I liked "david1978pdx," an iTunes user's, reaction to her music. "Nude model Tila Nguyen is now a rapper? Her filthy squeaky screaming rant can only be called rap because it rhymes and is put over a chintzy beat." I couldn't agree more. It makes me sick that these people are trying to make music off of their reality tv fame. It's one thing if they were actually talented, but this is really nothing of the sort.


Hot Cizzle said...

Heidi has a song where Spencer raps! its a personal fav

iLOVEMYLiFE said...

oh puke.

bright eyed fool said...

Actually, if my reality TV memory serves me correctly:

Tila Tequila was doing music long before 'a shot at love'. If I remember correctly, she was already trying to establish herself as a musician (previous occupation: underwear model) when she was on the Ted Nugent reality TV show a few years ago.

After that, she faded into relative obscurity for a while, gaining popularity as a party-goer. Then MTV offered her the God-awful Shot At Love.

...And on a side note: I think that's actually Heidi's SECOND single.