Friday, November 14, 2008

In the Bathroom Is Where I Want You

Nightmare Of You is one of the best bands from my high-school years. Was. Whatever.

The point is they were awesome in 2005 when they released their self titled debut album. They were poised to blow up and it was even posted on that they had been picked up by sire records (A unit of Warner Music). The deal never worked out and they were left independent.

Not so surprisingly, it is hard for a completely independent band to make music. They had to work on touring, putting out their record, and creating their merchandise(The list goes on). The point of all this, is that they just announced they are re-releasing their first (and only) record on limited edition 200 ct. multicolored splattered marble and signed vinyl! I know, the record nerd in me almost cried when I heard the news. Additionally they are poised to make a comeback, having a reported 13 songs ready for the next record. Here's to hoping they top their first record (and a taste of their first).

I'm a gentleman in training!

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