Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kany... John Legend's Newest Album

As jonny-tsunami mentioned a few weeks ago, John Legend's newest album, Evolver was released this week in the United States. The first thing I noticed while looking at the back of the album were the titles "Good Morning Into" "Everybody Knows" and "Good Morning" and then, in smaller type, "Produced by Kanye West". As much as I love Kanye.... did he really have to produce an album that had 3 songs that had the same title as some of his songs?? 

The Kanye association is not just seen, it can be heard on the track "It's Over" which really showcases Legend's vocals. Then Kanye comes on and.... just guess... uses Autotune to sing, not rap. John Legend sings faster than Kanye in this track. Again, I don't have a problem with Autotune I just feel like Kanye is running out of tricks, and I'm getting a little sad about it. 

Besides my annoyance with Kanye, I like this album. I like that John Legend seems to be able to do the things his producer is struggling with; using a new sound while still keeping some of his old style. The song "Quickly" featuring Brandy is the one song the album could lose. Brandy seems to have lost her touch, and the chorus of the song is whiney and too repetitive. High points include "It's Over" "Green Light" with Andre 3000, and a more typical Legend sounding song, "Cross the Line".

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