Saturday, November 1, 2008

Punchline for anyone willing to listen

Today it can be hard to be heard. The mass amount of information, music, news, art,and ______ (fill in the blank)found on the internet has a tendency to crowd out what is actually worth finding. That being said I think it's an interesting thing getting your voice heard.

If you listen to pop-punk and have some spare time I would ask you read the following and consider listening to and reviewing Punchline's new album, Just Say Yes.

To anyone that is willing to listen...

For those of you that do not know me my name is Steve Soboslai (pronounced Sub-Oz-Lee). I play guitar and sing in the band Punchline, which I have done so for the last 11 years since the 10th grade. I learned to play guitar with this band and have a more complete understanding of what music is alongside my band mates.

Maybe we musically jumped the gun on getting national attention? I think we scared some people away with what I feel was premature pop-punk... Some people say that this was our best music - I disagree. How could it have been, especially with having so little experience and seeing so little out there in the world. There is finally a story to tell.

We've been lost in the streets of Japan. We've stayed at the governor's house. We've lost band members to extreme serious issues that I'd rather not get into. Seen awful bands rise through the ranks by just saying what people want to hear. We've even written over 100 songs as a band. There is no doubt that it has taken 10 years for us to make our best album.

Just Say Yes was self released last month on our own label called Modern Short Stories. It was written and recorded from the heart. No record label was telling us when and where to record it or what to shoot for. The album is real and without a doubt the most genuine album we've ever made. I see right through so much of the music that comes out of this scene! Maybe when they turn 28 they will understand.

Getting to the point...

Outside of reviews from the critics (which have been quite amazing), we have had less feedback from fans and listeners of music than I had anticipated. The feedback from those who HAVE given it a chance and listened have had excellent things to say about it, but it seems as if most people just aren't hearing our music.

Money is tight. Music is easy to find for free for those who want it badly enough. Thus, I have decided to give out 100 copies of our downloadable CD for free today ALONG WITH a few extra songs - some songs you have definitely never heard, some that people have been wondering why they didn't make the cut, and some that people have been asking us to put into circulation just so they can have them on their ipods.

Please give this album an honest listen. Play it for your friends when you find the song that moves you. Please let us know what you think of the album by emailing me personally at

Thanks for your time,

Steve Soboslai


Here you go - enjoy.

p.s. If you have read to the bottom of this post I also ask you enjoy the irony of a blog without readers trying to give attention to a band struggling to be heard.


Anonymous said...

Aww, I know there are readers out there, Hot Cizzle...I mean, shit, you guys are on Elbo. Good post, btw.

Anonymous said...

i demand more posting from Hot Cizzle

GT said...

Damn, TC, you got a little following here.