Sunday, December 14, 2008

GaGa Gets Pollstar's Attention

My favorite female performer is Lady GaGa and apparently Pollstar agrees that she is legit. Check out this article that starts off with comments like this: "In the world of music, there are singers, and then there are entertainers, those artists who seem to have it all together – songwriting, singing, dancing, choreographing, set and costume designing, you name it. Lady GaGa falls squarely into the second category."
It then continues on to this:“She gets it. She is the whole deal. She completely gets what she has to do and she’s willing to invest her time, her energy, her sweat – work ethic is not an issue here."
I think she has a unique perspective and her live performances are evidently incredible. Plus her pop lyrics are creative, fresh, and tongue in cheek to say the least.

Here's the sexy video for "Poker Face" and you should all also check out her video blogs. Priceless.

Here's the Hotstar article about GaGa.

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