Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hot Cizzle's Top Nine

Without further adieu...

9. Conor Oberst - Conor Oberst

I was incredibly happy when I got this album this summer. I would probably characterize this cd as Conor Oberst shifting toward a style similar to Ryan Adams.

"I don't want to die in the hospital. I want to be gone gone to New York City."

Recommended tracks: I don't want to die in this hospital, NYC - gone, gone, MOAB, Milk Thistle, Souled Out!!!

8. Sun Kil Moon - April

Slow, repetitive, and haunting. Also beautiful.

Recommended tracks: Heron Blue, Blue Orchids, Lost Verses

7. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

The only winter music that can compete with Bon Iver. Not my favorite of the year, (lost interest for a good three months, then picked it back up) but definitely near the top.

Recommended tracks: White Winter Hymnal, Blue Ridge Mountains, Ragged Wood

6. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III

So this is the token rap album. I don't listen to rap very much and didn't listen to Common, Nas, Q-Tip, or any of the other rap releases this year. That being said, I loved this album and had to put it in my top 10 list. If you had been in the car with Scharfenberg and I, you would have heard us singing along to a milli and would understand the appeal.

Recommended tracks: A Milli, Mr. Carter, Dr. Carter, Phone Home

5. of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping

This album probabaly made the quickest impact on me. I hadn't been introduced to Kevin Barnes's glam-sex-pop-rock before and I'm glad I finally found him. Plus their live show was incredible.

Recommended tracks: Names too long to remember, album is just a cd full of glam-sex-pop hooks and snippets.

4. Be Your Own Pet - Get Awkward

I stumbled upon BYOP maybe halfway through the year and boy am I glad that I did! It is pretty much Paramore meets gritty teenage garage rock.

Recommended tracks: The Kelly Affair, Twisted Nerve, Bummer Time, Becky

3. Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow, and Blue

Jangly in all the right places.

Recommended tracks: Barnacle Goose, Little Garcon, Kurt Vonnegut, Red Elephant

2. Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

Greg Gillis may not have created the most artistically valued music but he did create the years best party. Also Ben Dover, Ben Dover, Ben Dover, Bend Over.

Recommended tracks: "No Diggity" sample, Set it Off, No Pause, Give Me a Beat, In Step

1. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago

Not much needs to be said. A beautiful and timeless album. That and he partied with us.

(Thanks to La Blogotheque)

Recommended tracks: Blindsided, Skinny Love, re: Stacks, Flume, For Emma


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