Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ryan Adams never stops.

Ryan Adams just released Cardinology with the Cardinals, but he is already back in the studio working on his next solo album. YAY! Right now, the working album title is Dear Impossible. According to Billboard, Adams is tracking demos for about a dozen new songs including "Firefly," "So Quiet, It's Loud," "Goodbye Sunshine," "Universe Size Arms," the title cut, "Please, Hold On," "Souls Full of Holes," "OK, I Surrender," "Wild & Hopeless," "Kaleidoscope Eyes," "Your Name Here," "Mirror-Gold," "The Lights" and "Lost in Space." Get excited!

In his blog, Adams talked about how the Cardinals feel about his upcoming album.

"Songs need seasons. So it's springtime for these. The guys, my BFF's in the Cards, all gave me way thumbs up on almost all of them so I figured why not get the working model down now."

Songs need seasons?? What a poet!

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