Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Winter Passing

MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS TO ME! The Academy Is released a new single today titled Winter Passing. After being slightly disappointed with their summer release of Fast Times at Barrington High, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a catchy holiday tune that goes a little something like this:

You said, "For all I thought I’d ever need,
It's hard to face the holidays without.”
Well, I’ve left my last message on your machine.
It's hard to face the holidays when you’re looking for the words to say.
When you're looking for the words to say.

So you’ve found a friend.
You spend all your cold nights with him,
But if I was there,
Then I’d wonder why you still wear my jacket
Closed with traces of my scent.

Oh William Beckett, you slay me.

I wish all of Fast Times would have been as good as this. It is on sale on iTunes, and because it was just released today, I could only find a YouTube video of a recent performance.

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