Saturday, November 21, 2009

The List (part one)

Well we are at the finish line, the decade is almost over and for once Scope has something to show for it. I hold in my hands (Email inbox) over a dozen lists of the best albums of the decade. but who you might ask is qualified to make these lists. Well I have no grounds for this judgement call, but for some reason I think that the Scopers of the past have the know how necessary to tell all of us what we should be listening to.

Part one

His name- Chris Kapolas
Reason we chose his list- Because he is much wiser than any other bird on the street.
Other things to know- I asked everyone to give me a list of 20 albums of the decade, chris gave me 50 'nuff said.

Bloc Party : Silent Alarm
French Kicks : Swimming
Kings of Leon : Aha Shake Heartbreak
Air France : On Trade Winds/No Way Down
The Walkmen : Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone (or Bows + Arrows)
Bon Iver : For Emma, Forever Ago
Feist : The Reminder
Stars of the Lid : The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid
The National : Boxer
The Libertines : The Libertines
Beirut : Gulag Orkestar
Chris Garneau : Music For Tourists
Kanye West : Graduation
Death Cab For Cutie : Transatlanticism
Sufjan Stevens : Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lakes State
Radiohead : In Rainbows
The Stills : Logic Will Break Your Heart
The Streets : Original Pirate Material
Interpol : Turn On The Bright Lights
Animal Collective : MPP
Broken Social Scene : You Forgot It In People
Grizzly Bear : Veckatimest
Grouper : Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill
M83 : Before the Dawn Heals Us
The Strokes : Room On Fire
Arcade Fire : Funeral
Burial : Untrue
Wolf Parade : Apologies to the Queen Mary
Arctic Monkeys : Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Born Ruffians : Red, Yellow, & Blue
Antony & the Johnsons : I Am A Bird Now
Yeasayer : All Hour Cymbals
Postal Service : Give Up
Black Keys : Thickfreakness
Ted Leo : Shake The Sheets
Vampire Weekend : Vampire Weekend
Ra Ra Riot : Rhumbline
Elliott Smith : From A Basement On A Hill
Iron & Wine : Creek Drank the Cradle
Devendra Banhart : Smokey
My Morning Jacket : It Still Moves
MGMT : Oracular Spectacular
St. Vincent : Marry Me
Fleet Foxes : Ragged Wood
Dirty Projectors : Bitte Orca
Deerhunter : Microcastle
The Decemberists : Picaresque
Beach House : Devotion (or S/T)
Band Of Horses : Cease To Begin
French Kicks : Two Thousand

Brand New : Deja Entendu
Say Anything : ...Is A Real Boy
Gaslight Anthem : '59 Sound

I believe it would put a big grin on Chris's face to know he got you into some new music, so go and check out some of these amazing albums.

Have a wonderful night,

Post Script
The one in the red is chris.


khutch said...

...this makes me miss him even more! love chris for making this list, love you blaze for posting it :)

Hot Cizzle said...

cleverly hid all the pop punk albums in the honorable mentions...

but still an incredible list. and an incredible guy.

Diva said...

Michigan over Illinois and Room on Fire over Is This It? Interesting choices.