Monday, November 23, 2009

Spoon's new album to be released sooner than expected

The release of Spoon's new album, Transference, has been moved up from the last week in January to January 19th. Ok, so it's only a week. The first single off the album will be "Written in Reverse" and will be digitally released on December 1st and a January 5 release as a 7" single. The vinyl will include an exclusive B-side, "Mean Read Spider", which won't be available digitally. Spoon also has some relatively close tour dates scheduled: December 3rd in Kansas City and December 31st in Milwaukee.


khutch said...

too bad the one in Milwaukee is 60 plus bucks and you're truly is broke as a fucking joke. Pretty sure they're playing with Jay Retard which should be stellar.

katie. said...

i know. i'm really upset we're missing it on dec 3rd.