Tuesday, March 11, 2008

my heart is an idiot

Always a sucker for over-the-top emo lyrics and adorable redheads, I have been seduced by Paramore latest single "That's What You Get." This song has graced many an "over him" play list since its release on the band's now platinum album Riot! in January 2007.

The song weaves bouncy lyric driven beats with a hard rock (as hard as radio punk can get) chorus. Please overlook lines like "why do we like to hurt so much?" and skip to the chorus. It pretty much sums up the stereotypical unrequited love affair and the feelings of self loathing that creep in when it become clear that nothing is ever going to happen with said object of affection.

Plus band front woman Hayley Williams can shake it better than any lady in music right now. Disagree with me, I dare you.

Paramore - "That's What You Get"


A Kay said...

oh no you diiiiidn't

Anonymous said...


in the photo provided, why are there all those blue chairs empty at this show?? did nobody show up?

slb said...

i took the photo at warped tour in 2005, before paramore reached mainstram success. the crowd's left of the frame. i used it because it was one of the coolest experiences of my life to be on stage with them.

Anonymous said...

You dared someone to step up.

Kappy stepped up.

Time for the rebuttal?