Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today is March 11th. That means its 3-11 Day! The band 311 has been celebrating this day in concert since 2000, hosting a concert every other year on March 11th in New Orleans for the occasion. A dvd of the event was made in 2004, showing footage the 5 hour long concert/ 72 song set list. As a huge 311 fan myself, I asked for tickets to 311 Day for my high school graduation/birthday present. Eff YEA. My mom and I went that year down to New Orleans and I rocked out at the UNO Lakefront Arena for over 5 hours. It was AWESOME.
So what I'm trying to explain to you is that today is a rockin' day and you should celebrate. Partake in festivities with friends... of which I don't believe I can mention without the threat of getting in trouble by our superiors...
So, you can start by refreshing yourself with this oldie but a goodie-

Everyone jumpin up to the beat
Applied Science- 311 Day 2004

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