Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogotheque Does It Again!

The last time we posted about Blogotheque's amazing "Take Away Shows", it was in an attempt to explain what it is about music that moves us (you'll remember little Parisian kids dancing to music at a level of adorableness that was dangerously close to causing a total cuteness meltdown). This time, the guys manage to capture something a little more primal. The dudes in Yeasayer bring their brand of indie to the tunnels of Paris, accapella style, and turn what tends to be the usual grim feeling of crowded isolation on a subway train ride into a communal celebration of life. Was that last part a little too much? Probably. But its hard to deny picking up on a feeling of connection at the human level as the band earnestly chants "I am so blessed to have spent the time with my family and the friends I love in my short life. I have met so many people I deeply care for". Just look at the dude bouncing behind them. He agrees.

Check out the other Yeasayer video (just as inspiring) at Blogotheque.


Whilden said...

please mind the groove!

khutch said...

that video made me extremely happy...more stuff like that needs to happen

Anonymous said...

chills down my spine at the end.