Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Jack

One of Scopes unwritten policies is when we have an incredible show we tend to show the artist that preformed a lot of love.  Mostly we start posting every video of theirs on our blog, or tell all of our friends about them, or just blair their music in our cars, you know whatever we can do(insert wry grin).  I know you all have seen all the Kings of Leon videos and heard us praise Bon Iver like he is a demigod, but I would like to talk about a different artist that many of the Scopers just adore.  

His name is Andrew McMahon and his band is Jack's Mannequin, and from what I have heard all of the people involved in the show were some of the coolest cats on the whole dang block.  So I am actually not here to post another video showing how awesome they are on stage, but to show how awesome Andrew is offstage.  Just a few years ago Andrew went through a battle with Leukemia, and he was open enough to film many of his trials.  He has finally compiled the footage into a documentary that will be out November 3rd called Dear Jack. 

All the proceeds go to charity, so if you feel like helping out in the battle against Leukemia, or if you are just an avid jack's fan go and pre-order it here.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! 


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